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What You Must Do Before Putting In An Offer On A New House

The process of buying a house can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is important that you do everything possible to ensure that a particular house is a good investment and can accommodate your family for a long time. However, it can sometimes be easy to overlook some issues that could affect your happiness in the house. Here are two things you must do before you put in an offer on a new home.

Read the Current Deed

If you are serious about putting in an offer on a particular house, it is a wise idea to investigate the current deed in place. The reason to do this is that you need to be sure that you understand the legal property lines. That way, if you ever plan to have a fence installed or plant new trees and bushes, you can avoid problems with those who own the surrounding properties. Not only that, but knowing the legal boundaries of the property can help you get an idea of what maintenance you are responsible for. The current owner may think they own the trees on both sides of the driveway, for instance, but the legal description in the deed may say otherwise.

Look for Signs of Underground Tanks

Depending on the type of area where you're hoping to find a house, you may run into a number of houses that have underground fuel tanks on the property. The person selling the house might not even know about them, as the tanks may have been put in before they bought the house themselves. It is important to look for signs of these tanks because you need to ensure that any fuel there is being properly stored and that the tanks have no leaks or damage.

  • Some signs of underground tanks include:
  • In-ground pipes
  • Bald patches in the lawn
  • Holes in basement walls and floors that may have been used for piping that has since been removed

To know for sure whether there are fuel tanks, go to the municipal permits department to investigate past permits; if there are tanks, a permit should have been filed with the township or city.

When you do the things detailed in the paragraphs above, you can start to feel more confident that the house you are considering is a solid investment for your family. Talk to your real estate agent about the issues in this article so they can help you get the information necessary to make smart choices.