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All The Block's A Stage -- Four Ways To Use Colour To Make Your Home The Star

When you put your home on the market, it's competing with everything else in the neighbourhood. One of the ways to add curb appeal and give character to the individual rooms is by using colour. Below are four ways to make your home the star performer.

Curb Appeal Matters

You may enjoy a bright green house with a bold yellow door, and such looks can be successfully pulled off. But, if your home is going on the market, you'll appeal to a wider audience of buyers if you tone things down a bit. Warm earth tones, such as beige or off white, with coordinated trim and roofing add a bit of class. If you have a lawn, make sure it's lush, green and immaculately trimmed. Add landscaping plants and flowers for that finished look.

Living Room -- Make Them Say Ahhhh…

Continue the welcoming earth tones into your entryway and main living area. You want to make the buyers envision relaxing in "their" space. Coordinated beige or green tones work well. Well-placed, boldly coloured pillows and/or tasteful artwork helps create a sense of elegance. De-cluttering the home works wonders. If you have a fireplace, use one or two items on the mantle as a focal point. If it's cool out, light a fire to create an even more relaxing ambiance.

Kitchen -- Light Colours Reflect Natural Light

In the real estate world, a well done kitchen can increase the value of your home and make it a quick sell. Open concept living areas are popular. This puts the kitchen, living room and dining room in one big space. White and pastel kitchens are in, with either contrasting or coordinated countertops. Garden kitchens, often done in pastel greens or yellows, tend to bring the outdoors in. Granite or marble are sought after countertop materials that come in a variety of colours. Fresh cut flowers add that pop of colour and a fragrant scent.

Master Bedroom -- Make it Scream "Suite"

The master bedroom and its connecting bathroom should feel like a retreat. Again, go with the soft tones to invite relaxation. If you have the space and the budget, add a separate deep soaker tub and a shower with frameless doors for an uninterrupted, finished look. Twin sinks are a selling point, as are recessed lighting and skylights. If your bedroom and/or bathroom overlook a scenic vista, make the most of it by installing oversized windows to let in more natural light. Bold accent towels provide just enough colour to make the space pop.

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