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Setting The Stage – Selling Isn't All About The Inside Of Your Home

If you are selling your home, it is important to prepare for your open house. If you have been focusing on the presentation of the interior of your home, you might be forgetting important aspects just outside such as your yard and neighborhood. What is outside of your front door can be just as important as what is inside.

Here are four tips to make your home stand out from others before people even enter the front door:

1. Set the Stage Outside as Well

If you can play up your home's yard and outdoor area's strengths, you will bring more interest to your home. Much like staging the inside of your home, set up a barbeque area, or showcase different ways a shed or garage can be used. If home buyers can envision themselves in the outdoor areas as well, they will see more value in your home. Focus on clean landscaping and have your yard look ready to entertain.

2. Get Your Neighbors Involved

Make sure that your neighbors know that you are having an open house. They might stop by and be able to provide information on the home and neighborhood. Having true representation of what it would be like to live in the neighborhood is important. Neighbors that are aware of your open house will be more apt to be friendly and helpful to strangers in the neighborhood.

3. Play up Local Amenities

If your home is in a great neighborhood with lots to offer, make sure that this is in the listing and is played up during viewings. Your realtor may be an expert, but you know your neighborhood the best. If you can help them with ideas on local parks, yearly events and other special points of interest, this can be showcased in your listing.

4. Pick the Time of Year

The time of year that you choose to list your home is important. If you can wait until spring, your neighborhood may look much nicer than in a dismal rainy month or during the scorching summer season. Picking a time of year when everything is fresh and green will make potential home buyers fall in love with your location just on the merits of the season.

If you can make your home inviting from the second a potential buyer enters your neighborhood, your chances of them visualizing themselves in your home will increase. Make sure that your home looks great inside and outside in order to drum up more interest once your house hits the real estate market. To learn more, contact a company like Century 21 Dynamic Realty.