Home Buying Costs That You Probably Don't Know About

When most people talk about the cost of buying a home, they mostly focus on the listing prices of properties, which the down payment and mortgage will take care of. However, there are many other costs associated with buying a house. Here some that you may not be aware of: Private Mortgage Insurance Private mortgage insurance, PMI for short, protects your lender from financial loss in case you default on your mortgage payments. [Read More]

3 Ways To Buy A Home With Little Cash And Credit To Do A Traditional Mortgage

Buying a new home may be something that you have always dreamed of. It may also be a difficult process for you if you have had recent credit problems. This is why you may want to consider some options for alternatives to traditional mortgages. These options include private mortgages, buying a home with cash and investing in a foreclosure that may be in need of repairs. Here are some of the options that you may want to consider as an alternative to a traditional mortgage when you buy a home: [Read More]

What You Must Do Before Putting In An Offer On A New House

The process of buying a house can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is important that you do everything possible to ensure that a particular house is a good investment and can accommodate your family for a long time. However, it can sometimes be easy to overlook some issues that could affect your happiness in the house. Here are two things you must do before you put in an offer on a new home. [Read More]

All The Block's A Stage -- Four Ways To Use Colour To Make Your Home The Star

When you put your home on the market, it's competing with everything else in the neighbourhood. One of the ways to add curb appeal and give character to the individual rooms is by using colour. Below are four ways to make your home the star performer. Curb Appeal Matters You may enjoy a bright green house with a bold yellow door, and such looks can be successfully pulled off. But, if your home is going on the market, you'll appeal to a wider audience of buyers if you tone things down a bit. [Read More]